Red Dot Rifle Scope Technology

Red Dot Rifle Scope Technology has been embraced by many people who will like to achieve great accuracy while shooting, especially by those that like to shoot rifles like an AR-15. Even if you are a beginner in the field of hunting, you will not miss your target with the help of the red dot rifle scope technology. The red dot scope works in such a way that it will point a red dot to the exact point which you will like to hit with your rifle. Even if you are among those who are poor at aiming, you will find it very easy after you decide to buy a rifle scope and mount it on your rifle. This is the best way for you to save on bullets that you may be wasting while trying to aim at wild animals while hunting. Here is top red dot rifle scope technology:

 High contrast lens:

The rifle scope has high contrast lens that make it easy for you to have clear images of distant objects so that you will aim at them well. The high contrast lens coating makes it easy for you to achieve clear and accurate targets after you decide to mount the rifle scope on your rifle. The process of mounting the rifle scope is very easy which you will achieve even if you have never made use of the rifle scope before. The manufacturers of the riflescope coat the lens with great precision which ensures the final lenses achieved are of high contrasts. The lenses are also made in such a way that they will ensure great durability of the lens. This makes it possible for the lens to be used in whichever weather condition where you may like to go hunting.

 Tilted front lens:

The tilted front lens reflects LED light in order to create the red dot. This is why you will see a red dot while making use of the rifle scope. The red dot is very helpful when making use of the riflescope because it will show you the exact point where you will hit with the bullet in case you decide to pull the trigger. The tilted front lens are very durable which makes the rifle scope very popular for those who will like to have a riflescope which they can use for a long period of time till they realise the value of their money which they will use to buy the riflescope.

 Red dot LED light source is secured inside the scope:

This is a design feature that is used to ensure the source of the LED light is protected from any damage that can be caused by environmental conditions. Remember the red dot scope will be used to hunt in different terrains. In order to ensure the source of led light is always secured, the designers of the red dot have placed it inside the scope where it is secured by adhesives. This ensures you will stay with the rifle scope without any fear of the scope failing to function due to the failure of the red LED light source failing to produce the light required for the production of the red dot. Remember without the light, you will not have any red dot which is very necessary for the rifle scope to work.

 Illumination settings:

For the rifle scope to illuminate different fields clearly there is an illumination setting that has been provided. You should be careful when making use of the illuminations settings; you should avoid cases where you will set too high which will lead you to achieving blurred images. This is necessary because blurred images will easily lead you to failing to achieve in aiming at the exact target which you will like to hit with your rifle scope. You should at first adjust the riflescope till you achieve the best illuminations. This should be in between the high and low illumination set by the riflescope manufacturers. The illumination setting is very necessary in making it easy for the rifle scope to be used in different places which require different types of illuminations. The settings are very easy to use; this makes the riflescope very useful for those who have never made use of the riflescope before. Operating the riflescope is very easy, after reading the instruction manual you will easily get started.

Top Hunting Gadgets in 2015

It’s a new year and that means new hunting gadgets for outdoor fans! Here are some of the top hunting gadgets in 2015 worth mentioning.


Ozonics hunting provides a hunting machine that converts oxygen molecules into ozone molecules. It has an inbuilt quiet fan that sends the molecules downwind where they link with scent molecules. This results in molecules that cannot be recognized by the game.

This unit can be used on a ground blind or in a tree stand. Since the game cannot smell the hunter, they may appear from downwind. This is an extremely useful gadget since the animal cannot smell you even from whatever direction. It makes hunting easier and more fun.

Hurricane Safety Systems PowerLOK:

This pocket size device is built in such a way that is can safely hang on style tree without the risk of becoming too tight. It has a one way clutch limits torque to 400psi. Its built-in hex head can easily be tightened with the use of a cordless power drill. The powerLOK makes it safe to use eliminating the likelihood of attachment of ropes getting stretched over time, or being interfered with by animals. This is a must have top hunting gadgets in 2015 for any bowhunter.

2015 Honda FourTrax Rancher:

The Four Trax Rancher was first introduced in 2000. For 2015, the new rancher has a soft and thick seat that makes a comfortable and enjoyable ride out in the woods. The new Honda has a revised independent rear suspension that replaces the solid axle often found in the old Rancher model. However, if you love the solid axle, there is still the option. It has a ground clearance of a good 9.2 inches with extra wheel travel, with a rear suspension that moves 8.5 inches of travel. The front has a suspension travel measuring 7.3 inches, which lets the rancher cross over uneven terrain much easily. It’s programmed for quick fuel injection which allows for quick starts in various elevations. The rancher has good footing offering the rider a positive grip. The front and rear rocks are strong and can hold about 66 pounds in the front and 133 pounds at the back of this machine. Stopping the rancher when in motion is not a big deal as it has a brake disc at the back which is inboard mounted, so it gets rid of unnecessary un-sprung weight from its wheels. Its steering is also great making riding such an easy and fun activity. If you are a serious hunter, then this should be one of your top hunting gadgets in 2015.

Archer’s Xtreme A.X. Driver:

The A.X. Driver is an easy to adjust single pin rover style sight that comes with a 2-inch sight aperture. A particular vertical drive helps in moving the pin quietly and smoothly. The easy to adjust sight is best suited for hunters who love the experience of a one pin set up but with a large multi-pin set up. This is a convertible gadget from the right to left hand.

Bushnell Legacy WP 8×42:

This is one of the lightest binoculars with a wide field of view. Its focusing wheel is a bit sticky though, but overall, its build and quality was excellent with eyecups that firmly lock in place. However, the image quality was the most impressive feature of these binoculars. It’s extremely sharp and bright for a binocular that costs that amount. It has specs of 5.4″ x 7.1″, 430-ft. FOV at 1,000 yard, 26.5 oz.

Leupold Vendetta Bow Rangefinder:

The Leopold vendetta easily attaches to your bow. This rangefinder has a continuous beam that displays the real time in digital blinks with a bright red display. Get yourself this gadget and forget all the fumbling that comes with handheld rangefinders or predetermined landmarks. Forget figuring out with a range only for the targeted animal to change position which can lead to a miss. Who ever wants this! The real range is actually showed as you aim, so when you are releasing you know.

CZ-USA 455 Tacticool Suppressor-Ready:

The CZ-USA 455 Tacticool Suppressor-Ready is a deadly weapon yet designed to be the most silent. It comes with subsonic ammo, like the CCI’s new suppressor load and it will almost be silent when it’s fired. It has a stiff, 16.5 inch barrel, threaded muzzle and a trigger that can easily be adjusted. This gun which is dubbed as the “Varmint Tacticool” , features a 5-round detachable magazine and has the look of a centerfire rig.

This rifle was built as an inexpensive tactical trainer with the ergonomics of and features of a complete centerpiece tactical rig. With this rifle, squirrels have no chance!